Unified Home Controls

When it comes to a well-designed smart home solution, having a single app that is easy to navigate, with all your controls in one place is the standard that you should be looking for.

The Avario Home Control app, is user-friendly, and has everything you need in a well-balanced and finger-friendly interface.

Smart LED Lighting

Conventional light bulbs work by flipping a switch on and off, and some are connected to wall dimmers instead of switches, which allow you to dim the lights to a brightness that you choose. However, this is generally the extent of the functionality of traditional home lighting.

Smart lighting, on the other hand, gives you far more control over your lights. They are still connected to your home’s power, but each smart bulb is controlled wirelessly. This means that you are no longer limited to controlling pre-planned/pre-wired groups of lights, now you can control each light independently and group them the way YOU prefer.

Smart lights also offer many more options to ‘dial in’ the ambiance you are trying to create in any specific room. Most high-quality smart lights offer warm to cool light and some even have colours built-in.

Premium Wall Switches

When it comes to wall switches, we want you and your interior designer to have as many options as possible. With us, you are not locked into a specific supplier or manufacturer. We work with 16 premium manufacturers from all over the world and have hundreds of designs, materials, and finishes available. Whether you are looking for a classic or ultra-modern look and feel, we have a collection that will match your needs.

Integrated Home Audio

Integrated home audio creates an optimal audio experience without compromising the visual aesthetics of a room. An integrated, multi-zone solution ensures that everyone in the home can listen to what they want, where they want, creating their ‘perfect space’.

A well-designed home audio system flows sound through your rooms like light from the windows or cool air from the AC. When you’re building or renovating, we suggest in-wall and ceiling speakers. If you don’t want to cut into walls or ceilings or have us pull new wires, we can suggest the latest wireless solutions.

With more and more people using streaming music services, compatibility and connection stability is an important factor when choosing your system.
We work with several premium manufacturers and can put together a system that matches your budget and your dreams.

Smart AC Controls

Powering ACs and Cooling systems represent a major portion of monthly household expenses during the hot months in Dubai and the GCC. A properly installed and configured smart thermostat can considerably reduce your energy bill AND wear and tear on your HVAC system. With so many options on the market, it is not always straightforward which one will be best for your home.

We are here to assist you with making the right decision on which thermostat will work best with your home.